About the Laytonsville Historical Center

The Laytonsville Historical Center (a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization) was established to provide Resources, Education, and Advocacy to promote Laytonsville's historic heritage.

Our Goals are

  • To preserve and promote the history of Laytonsville and the First Election District.
  • To keep the Center open to all, including the community and the students of Laytonsville Elementary School.
  • To expand the Center's collection of family histories, photographs, and memorabilia.
Annual Membership Dues
Senior (+62)

Downloadable Copy of the Application Form

For those interested in more information about the history of Laytonsville,
please visit the Laytonsville Historical Center located at

Laytonsville Town Hall
21607 Laytonsville Road

You may email us at historiclaytonsville@gmail.com

or write to us at Post Office Box 5158, Laytonsville, MD 20882